Tree Law

Let the tree experts from Tree Savvy advise you in what action to take when it comes to bothersome neighboring trees and the law. Not sure what to do about invasive trees on your property? Ask us! Wondering how to receive compensation for tree damage due to negligence? We have the answer you’re looking for. Your tree in danger of its health or growth due to disturbance on your property? We can help!

Ask the Tree Experts!

If neighboring tree branches are intruding onto my property, may I trim them?

Tree Experts Say: “Yes. Tree law states that you have the right to trim any branches that extend up to the property line.”

The majority of my neighbor’s tree hangs over my yard, but the trunk is in the next door property, who does the tree belong to?

Tree Experts Say: “All trees belong to the property in which the tree trunk is sitting, and it may not be removed without the consent of the owner(s). If the trunk is divided by the property line of multiple people, tree law states it is considered a “boundary tree” and may not be removed unless consent is given by all property owners.”

If my neighbor has a fruit tree, and the branches hang over my yard, can I eat the fruit?

Tree Experts Say: “No. All fruit belongs to the fruit tree owner. In some instances, there is a local tree law that allows for some fruit to be consumed when it has fallen onto your property, but make sure to check with your state court decisions.”

My neighbor dug up his yard and killed a tree that’s on my side of our property line. Am I entitled to compensation?

Tree Experts Say: “Yes. In this instance, the owner of the tree has the right to sue for negligence. The removal, cutting, or injury to any tree that is not owned by the person doing the damage is liable for compensation.”