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Mature Tree Pruning

At Tree Savvy, we know that new trees are no replacement for old, mature trees. The preservation of old, mature trees will always be advocated over their removal. Routine, systematic pruning aids in the management of potential risks, especially those that were neglected through the juvenile years. When pruning mature trees, special attention is given to limiting the amount of live tissue removed, encouraging the trees to continue providing the many great benefits they have to offer our communities and wildlife. The extent of live tissue removed should be limited to no more than 10-15%, depending on the species, health, integrity, and vigor.

A key, fundamental component of mature tree pruning is the strategic reduction of the crown or select branches. Reduction pruning can be used to mitigate the risk of tree failure, promote longevity, manage the distribution of weight, provide clearance, and lessen wind loads. In addition, pruning your mature tree can add to the aesthetics of your property by cleaning the crown of deadwood and epicormic shoots, enhancing views and, in some cases, improving the form of the tree. 

For those interested in implementing a routine pruning plan to address defects and other concerns, contact Tree Savvy!


Proper tree management begins at planting and continues with recurring, proper pruning – we focus on ensuring the trees in our urban forest thrive rather than simply survive.

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Stewardship Pruning

At Tree Savvy, we aim to mimic the natural forest form of trees through our Stewardship pruning – included with every tree that we grow and plant!

About Training

Adolescent Trees

If trees are not trained correctly when they are young, you may miss out on the many benefits that a mature tree provides. Learn more about adolescent tree services here.

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Mature Trees

The preservation of old, mature trees will always be advocated over their removal. Learn more about our approach to mature tree care.

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Cabling And Bracing

For certain trees, the risk of failure can be mitigated through the installation of supplemental support systems such as a static or dynamic cable and brace rods coupled with systematic pruning.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Every tree, whether it be in the forest or your backyard, is susceptible to storm damage. We take a four-step approach: assess, clean, restore, maintain.

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