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Stump Grinding Services We Provide

Do you have an old stump in your yard that is in the way of a new project, taking up unwanted space, or aesthetically unpleasing? Are you removing an existing tree leaving a stump at the end of the project? Let Tree Savvy take care of the dirty and tedious work for you! Tree Savvy can grind any stump that we can access. We grind stumps below grade level but leave the lawn at grade level. This includes the removal of hazardous surface roots trailing throughout the lawn and uneven surfaces that were raised by the root flare. Stump grinding is a messy business, but we can clean up and haul it away. One service that our competitors do not provide is filling the remaining hole with rich topsoil. This will allow your lawn to get back to normal quickly or even help jumpstart future landscaping projects.  We typically do not offer seeding services. Tree Savvy will call Digger’s Hotline to mark any underground utilities to prevent accidental damage. 

Whether Tree Savvy is planting a tree for you, or you are taking care of planting yourself, we offer our stump grinding services to prepare an area for your new tree.

Tree Removal

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Stump Grinding

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