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All life on the planet requires water, and vast amounts of it. Trees can absorb 10 to 150 gallons (about 567.81 L) of water a day. Additionally, it takes an estimated 500g (2 cups) of water to create 1g of tissue!

Unfortunately, there is no exact math involved to know exactly how much water is required for your tree. The quantity of water needed varies greatly on several conditions: the tree species, health, vigor, and age; the soil texture, drainage, structure, and profile; the landscape grade, and aspect; and the microclimate. A soil test can be performed to determine the makeup to help establish a routine watering plan – at-home percolation tests can also be performed to determine the rate of drainage.

Generally, we at Tree Savvy recommend consistent watering every three to four days, at a minimum. For the best results in establishment, we encourage our clients to use their irrigation, if applicable, or a hose-attached sprinkler head to apply water outward away from the trunk. Applying water directly to the base of the tree with a garden hose, or the use of a water bag, is not recommended unless no other option is available as it does not encourage outward, lateral root growth. The consistency of watering is just as important as the quantity applied! Ideally, trees are recommended to have an inch of water applied each week. 

Trees that are under-watered will show symptoms through slowed growth, dull leaf color, reduced leaf size, premature leaf drop and fall color, dieback of the upper crown, cracking in the lower trunk, wilting, and necrotic leaf margins. Special care should be given to trees showing these symptoms as they may be acute or chronic problems, accelerating the spiral of decline if treated improperly – a process perfectly coined “loving to death”. 

Bare Root

Tree Savvy provides bare root trees for planting. These are trees that originally started in the ground in a nursery and have been taken out for winterization.

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Container grown trees are the most common nursery stock for homeowners and landscape companies. This method is essentially a “third party” method where nurseries and local garden…

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Balled & Burlap

Balled and burlapped (B&B) is a special process used for transplanting various types of trees, shrubs, or other plants.

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Tree Savvy can transplant certain trees for clients. There’s a variety of reasons to transplant a tree including finding a more suitable location for a site-specific species.

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