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Lot Clearing

Do you have a unique project that involves removing trees or clearing woody material from a designated area? Tree Savvy can help you get started on this process. Whether it’s clearing an area for a shed, garage, parking lot, or something else, Tree Savvy can complete any project, regardless of the size! Any stumps in the way of completing your project can be ground out by our team as well. You can choose to have the stump grinding holes left empty or filled in with rich topsoil. 

If you have a field or other area with small woody material that you would like mowed, Tree Savvy can assist you. With our equipment, we will make the area manageable again for you. We also have licensed and certified personnel that can safely treat the stumps or other invasive plants with herbicides to prevent regrowth.

Tree Removal

When a weak tree finally gives out due to severe weather or storms, Tree Savvy is ready and more than capable to provide their tree removal service…


Lot Clearing

Tree Savvy has the ability to protect trees prior to land clearing and during the construction process and preserve well positioned trees prior to land clearing…


Stump Grinding

Our services are based off of stump grinding. This machine fits through a 36″ gate so there is no job too big or too small for the SC50TX. Smooth tracks offer…


Storm Damage Cleanup

After rough weather or storms, restoring your land, or even your house, is our number one priority. Property damage is devastating, and getting …

ABOUT Storm Damage Cleanup
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