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Tree Pruning

Our pruning services remove diseased, structurally poor, or obstructing branches, clean up storm-damaged branches, reduce the height of the tree, and allow for more sunlight in your yard which allows for better grass growth.

Tree Removal

When a weak tree finally gives out due to severe weather or just old age, Tree Savvy is ready and more than capable to provide their tree removal service. Crane removal makes tree removal service from your house or lawn quicker and more efficiently. Whether it’s an entire tree, large or small, or just a few limbs, no job is too big or too small for Tree Savvy tree service professionals.

Emergency service is also available if structures are damaged or in danger.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is a great opportunity for you and your family to improve the environment while adding an accessory to your yard. Tress provide an easy way to provide shade in the summer, to provide protection from the wind in the winter, and to provide privacy from neighbors all at the same time. Proper selection of your future tree can be the solution to all of these dilemmas.

Lot Clearing

Site preparation is a very important step in the construction process, because it sets the stage for construction. Tree Savvy provides a large capacity chipper for an efficient clearing process before the construction of new homes or buildings. We will work with your contractor to discuss the plans they have for you and your future building site to make sure that nothing gets missed. Our expertise will ensure the best result for your project.

Tree Law

Let the tree experts from Tree Savvy advise you in what action to take when it comes to neighboring trees and the law. Not sure what to do about invasive trees? Ask us! Wondering how to receive compensation for tree damage due to negligence? We have the answer!

Cabling and Bracing

The two most common forms of structural support for trees are cabling and bracing. Structural supports reduce the risk of weak branches and failure due to multiple stems. If a tree grows with two stems, structured cabling of the tree crowns can prevent breakage by securing the weak attachments of the tree. This is the most common risk of a tree breakage and can be avoided, or corrected, by the use of structured cabling.

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Tree Removal

When a weak tree finally gives out due to severe weather or storms, Tree Savvy is ready and more than capable to provide their tree removal service…


Lot Clearing

Tree Savvy has the ability to protect trees prior to land clearing and during the construction process and preserve well positioned trees prior to land clearing…


Stump Grinding

Our services are based off of stump grinding. This machine fits through a 36″ gate so there is no job too big or too small for the SC50TX. Smooth tracks offer…


Storm Damage Cleanup

After rough weather or storms, restoring your land, or even your house, is our number one priority. Property damage is devastating, and getting …

ABOUT Storm Damage Cleanup
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