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We at Tree Savvy have the necessary means to uproot and relocate a young tree on your property. Our arborists will perform an evaluation on the tree to ensure it can tolerate the transplant, as well as identify the ideal time to move the tree. This, of course, will require the client to treat the tree as a newly established tree; water must be consistent and thorough, mulch applied appropriately, and staked and strapped.

Bare Root

Tree Savvy provides bare root trees for planting. These are trees that originally started in the ground in a nursery and have been taken out for winterization.

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Container grown trees are the most common nursery stock for homeowners and landscape companies. This method is essentially a “third party” method where nurseries and local garden…

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Balled & Burlap

Balled and burlapped (B&B) is a special process used for transplanting various types of trees, shrubs, or other plants.

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Tree Savvy can transplant certain trees for clients. There’s a variety of reasons to transplant a tree including finding a more suitable location for a site-specific species.

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