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Tree Fertilization

Fertilization is a service we provide to reintroduce essential nutrients into the soil. In a natural forest setting, trees recycle nutrients throughout the year through decomposition. The standard practice of cleaning up our yards in the fall disrupts this nutrient cycle! In addition, trees compete for nutrients with turf grasses, native and non-native plants, and other neighboring trees. Due to a variety of factors, including a lack of nutrients, your tree may not be reaching its full potential. lf your tree is exhibiting signs of insufficient nutrient availability such as slow growth, dull leaf color, and chlorotic (yellowing) foliage, call Tree Savvy to get a soil analysis conducted to determine if fertilization is an appropriate action.

A soil analysis is necessary to determine if the concerns that you are having about your tree are linked to a deficiency in nutrients. Fertilizing without analyzing the soil first is malpractice and can lead to an overabundance of macronutrients which can be hazardous due to root burning, excessive growth, and the potential for fertilizer runoff. 

We use a combination of two fertilizers, ArborPlex and NutriRoot. According to the product website, ArborPlex helps mitigate stress reactions, increase growth in the tree’s root system and crown, and improve the overall vigor of the tree. NutriRoot helps prevent water runoff and reduces the stress created by drought, adds organic material to the soil, and increases the odds of transplant success. We find that the best results are obtained when combining these two products.

In addition to the stewardship pruning included with new tree plantings, we offer fertilization at an additional charge. Under normal circumstances, we wait one growing season before fertilizing to prevent root burning and mitigate the effects of transplant shock. This fertilizer helps jumpstart your tree’s life by ensuring that it is getting all the necessary nutrients. Trees have a more difficult time establishing themselves when the necessary nutrients are not available.

Fertilization is one approach to keeping your hees healthy, and it can be extremely important if your soil lacks the necessary nutrients. Improving the soil in other ways through soil amendments, such as compost, may be necessary for the health of your tree. Contact Tree Savvy for a free consultation for your soil and tree concerns.

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