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Tree Planting

Our Tree Savvy arborists take pride in their abilities to properly plant, maintain, and manage the trees in our urban forests. We are focused on planting trees properly, ensuring they are planted at the correct depth and in the right location so that future generations may enjoy their benefits. There are endless reasons to plant a tree including their aesthetic and recreational value, support of wildlife and biodiversity, stormwater mitigation and management, and their economical and social advantages. Let’s plant a tree today for a better, greener tomorrow.

Benefits of trees in our urban forest;


  • Trees add to the overall aesthetics of an area
  • The presence of trees in a landscape have been shown to reduce stress
  • Trees are often planted for memorial, ceremonial, and historic events


  • Trees reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year
  • In the right location, trees can add value to a property, often an increase of 5-20%


  • Trees add to the architecture and functionality of a property
  • Emphasize views and frame a landscape or vista
  • Provide privacy and obstruct unsightly views


  • Intercept water and mitigate stormwater runoff
  • Aid in soil anchorage, preventing erosion
  • A tree’s shade and transpiration regulates microclimates
  • Tree’s can introduce and manage wildlife populations


All too often, arborists are called onto properties to provide reactive services, rather than proactive maintenance and management strategies. We spend our days removing trees that were planted at an improper depth and left unmaintained, leading to hazardous structural defects and premature decline. Our mission going forward is to educate and consult with our communities to ensure the right tree is planted in the right location, at the correct depth, while developing a long term preventative maintenance plan so future generations may benefit from our trees. 

The most important day in a tree’s life, in the urban setting, is the day it is planted. Contact Tree Savvy for a free consultation on planting new trees on your property!

Types of Trees We Plant

We provide trees grown in a variety of ways including balled and burlap, container grown, bare root, and our own planting system. Each of these ways has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we will make sure that they are professionally planted. 

Our certified arborists can provide you with a site evaluation to determine the best location for your tree. Different species have specific needs which, when met, can cause explosive growth. 

Platform-Based Planting

Through our platform-based method, our trees are grown with root systems that closely mimic those found in the forests: free from kinked, circling…

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Bare Root

Tree Savvy provides bare root trees for planting. These are trees that originally started in the ground in a nursery and have been taken out for winterization.

ABOUT Bare Root


Container grown trees are the most common nursery stock for homeowners and landscape companies. This method is essentially a “third party” method where nurseries and local garden…

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Balled & Burlap

Balled and burlapped (B&B) is a special process used for transplanting various types of trees, shrubs, or other plants.

ABOUT Balled & Burlap


Tree Savvy can transplant certain trees for clients. There’s a variety of reasons to transplant a tree including finding a more suitable location for a site-specific species.

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