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Platform-Based Trees

Tree Savvy is combating the malpractices in the nursery industry innovatively; growing, planting, and maintaining trees that will last for generations!

In November of 2006, the International Society of Arboriculture produced an article in their publication “Arboriculture & Urban Forestry” which states, “In a 1991 survey, 93% of professionally planted trees had root collars obscured by soil or mulch, and the extent of this deep planting was seldom less than 2 in (Smiley and Booth 2000)… 75% of the nursery-grown trees examined [were planted deeply], the depth of the burial ranged from 3 to 12 in (Maynard 1995)” This report has become a primary focus at Tree Savvy – changing how trees are grown, planted, and maintained so our communities, wildlife, and future generations may enjoy their great many benefits for decades; centuries, even, depending on the species. 

Through our platform-based method, our trees are grown with root systems that closely mimic those found in the forests: free from kinked, circling, stem-girdling roots. This system nearly eliminates transplant shock, a persistent concern with the conventional nursery stock, in turn resulting in near-immediate outward fibrous root growth. In addition, the weight, shape, and density reduce the need to secure the newly planted trees with supplemental support systems such as a stake and strap; a system commonly forgotten, leading to the trunks being girdled. 

With each tree planted through the platform-based method, Tree Savvy applies a seven-foot diameter ring of mulch around the tree. Our natural, organic, undyed mulch is made of reground, recycled wood chips from our clients’ tree removals – part of our goal to be free of wood waste. The application of mulch is arguably one of the greatest tools a homeowner can use to promote a healthy, vigorous tree when applied correctly. Nearly every lawn in the United States consists of a lawn, dominated by turf grasses which are known to compete with trees for water, nutrients, and rooting space; often releasing harmful chemicals against the trees. Applying a 2-4″ thick, wide ring of mulch around the tree (mulch should remain off the trunks of trees to inhibit the development of decay and stem girdling roots) is known to increase soil biological activity, add carbon to the soil food web, reduce evaporation and water/wind evaporation, while moderating the soil temperature, and reduce resource competition from the neighboring turf grasses. 

For each tree that is grown and planted by Tree Savvy, we include five consecutive, annual structure prunes to promote a strong, long-lasting, and proper form. In the process of the stewardship pruning, we first eliminate select lower limbs to begin “raising the canopy”, aiming for a 50:50 crown-to-trunk ratio. In this instance, we are the shade of the forest! Second, we subordinate select limbs to reduce the amount of growth directed towards stem elongation and diameter, in turn selecting a central, dominant leader while preventing the development of any codominant stems and weak branch attachments. At the time of pruning, the limbs that are removed are roughly 1” in diameter, equating to a shorter period for the tree to seal over the wound. Stewardship pruning and routine pruning after the five-year period enables our communities’ trees to thrive, not just survive!

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