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Donation Program

A healthy urban forest provides so many wonderful benefits: wildlife habitat, storm water management, carbon sequestration, production of oxygen, noise reduction, shade production, contribution to human health, and increased aesthetic values. Here at Tree Savvy, we are dedicated to planting and maintaining healthy trees while mitigating risks involved with hazardous trees. Unfortunately, we are often called out to look at a tree or property to assess and mitigate hazardous trees when the issue could have been prevented or fixed earlier. That’s why we have created a program that is proactive rather than reactive. We understand that for a tree to have the ability to reach maturity and provide those wonderful benefits to the community, they need to be planted properly, in the right location for the species, and well maintained during their juvenile stages when they are growing vigorously.  This is the stage where we can make the greatest impact while limiting or reducing wounds on the tree, to reduce the potential for failure in the future.  

Starting January 1st, 2024, Tree Savvy will be providing trees from our own platform-based system grown right here in the Chippewa Valley and donating them to our local communities which also includes our Level 1 stewardship plan – 5 years of structural pruning and our 5-year warranty. For every 10 trees we sell and plant, we will donate 1 tree to a community. 

When you purchase a tree for your own residence, you can pick which community you would like to support.  Current participating communities:

  • Eau Claire County Parks
  • Eau Claire Area School District 
  • City of Altoona
  • City of Bloomer
  • City of Chippewa Falls
  • City of Menomonie
  • City of Mondovi
  • Village of Cadott
  • Village of Eleva
  • Village of Elk Mound
  • Village of Fall Creek
  • Pleasant Valley Township

In 2023, we sold and planted over 300 trees. That equates to 30 trees being donated to local communities! Help us grow and improve your community’s urban forest, one tree at a time. For more information, contact us today!

Bare Root

Tree Savvy provides bare root trees for planting. These are trees that originally started in the ground in a nursery and have been taken out for winterization.

ABOUT Bare Root


Container grown trees are the most common nursery stock for homeowners and landscape companies. This method is essentially a “third party” method where nurseries and local garden…

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Balled & Burlap

Balled and burlapped (B&B) is a special process used for transplanting various types of trees, shrubs, or other plants.

ABOUT Balled & Burlap


Tree Savvy can transplant certain trees for clients. There’s a variety of reasons to transplant a tree including finding a more suitable location for a site-specific species.

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