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Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) is an all-inclusive approach to tree care, with the primary focus on establishing and maintaining healthy and long-lasting trees and other plants.

Tree Savvy provides a comprehensive approach to PHC, specializing in insect and disease control, growth regulation, and promoting the overall health and vigor of trees and shrubs. Our ISA Certified Arborists and Certified Pesticide Applicators work together to diagnose, treat, and establish the best care practices for each individual tree or plant, while prescribing additional management procedures for our clients. A tree that may look sickly as a result of chlorotic foliage, insect or pathogen infestation, or poor root or soil health may be salvageable rather than removed. The introduction of a thorough pest management plan, the application of growth regulators, or a fertilizer plan based on a soil soil analysis may extend the life of your tree.


Plant Health Care Services

Specific services that we provide include:

  • Soil-applied insecticides and growth regulators
  • Trunk-injected insecticides and fungicides
  • Foliar spray of fungicides and herbicides
  • Fertilization
  • Root Collar Excavations (RCE)
  • Soil health analyses
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