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Storm Damage Services

A green, full, healthy-looking tree does not equate to a structurally sound tree. A great number of flaws in a tree’s integrity are exposed by severe weather events. These events such as heavy precipitation and high wind speeds can damage, weaken, and uproot trees. Trees that are inadequately maintained are at a higher risk of failure because of poor form. Occasionally, trees that are damaged or weakened from storms may be managed to reduce the likelihood of failure in the future through systematic pruning and the installation of structural support systems.  

Faults in the structural integrity of a tree may go unnoticed. Our Tree Savvy Arborists are professionals in evaluating the condition of trees and developing management options to mitigate the risk of failure. Proper tree management through correct planting techniques, systematic pruning, and the appropriate installation of structural support systems are key to lessening the likelihood of failure while enabling the tree to thrive. 

In the instance of storm damage, all current and future projects are placed on hold until all hazards are addressed.

Tree Removal

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Stump Grinding

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Storm Damage

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