Tree Planting

Tree planting is a great opportunity for you and your family to improve the environment while adding an accessory to your yard. Tress provide an easy way to provide shade in the summer, to provide protection from the wind in the winter, and to provide privacy from neighbors all at the same time. Proper selection of your future tree can be the solution to all of these possible dilemmas. Tree Savvy provides assistance to customers when selecting and inspecting prior to tree planting. After selecting the proper tree from a local nursery, Tree Savvy will be able to find the proper home for your new tree to live a full and healthy life.


Plant a Tree

Plant a tree to mourn the memory and the loss of a friend or loved one, or to commemorate a major life event. Remembering a deceased friend or family member with a living tree provides the coming generations with an act of love–for them and for the earth. Giving the gift of life is the perfect way to ensure that the memory of your loved ones will live on forever. When you decide to plant a tree, Tree Savvy will ensure that the tree selected reflects the memory of your loved one and is placed in an ideal environment to receive the most love–from visitors and from the sun. Tree planting can also be of remembrance of a milestone in your life. If you are commemorating a major life event, it’s respectable to consider trees that bloom around the time of the anniversary of the event when you decide to plant a tree. Whether it’s a Winter bloomer or a Spring bloomer, choosing the right tree can be difficult, but Tree Savvy is here to help!