Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming service can be offered for a variety of reasons—for the customer, for the tree, or for the need of the service. General tree trimming service means removing dead wood or structurally poor branches. This allows for a better appearance and an overall healthier tree. More importantly, tree trimming reduces the “sail” of a tree. This means that the wind is allowed to move through the trees, which reduces the risk of the tree to blow over in rough storms. Trimming trees also allows more sunlight into your yard, which, in turn, allows for better grass growth and a healthy-looking yard.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the selective process of removing parts of a plant or tree. Tree pruning can be necessary for a variety of reasons: to remove diseased branch, to clean up storm-damaged branches, to reduce the height of a tree, to remove obstructing branches, or simply for design purposes only. Pruning early in life for a young tree is better for the health of the tree, because it makes less long term wounds. If tree pruning occurs later in the life of a tree, it creates holes that may take years to recover.

Mature tree crown reduction is able to reduce the size of a tree without “topping” the tree, or just making cuts in a general area. By cutting lateral branches, we allow for regrowth, an important aspect in the life of a mature tree. Tree topping can wreck the tree’s chances to regrow properly. Reducing crown dimensions are able to increase clearance for buildings, street lights, and/or sight lines. Tree pruning ultimately allows the tree to grow strong, healthy branches that head into the right direction, making the tree look beautiful.

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