Commercial Tree Service

Tree Savvy LLC provides a variety of services for commercial customers. Whether you’re looking to impress prospective clients by creating beautiful outdoor decor or simply to help the environment by providing your clients with an extra breath of fresh air, Tree Savvy promises to continuously provide their outstanding tree service and routine inspections to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed and your trees reach their full potential of health and beauty. By conducting condo or commercial building annual tree inspections, we continue to maintain beautiful and healthy looking trees and shrubs for our clients. Our tree service includes scheduled and follow up insect and/or fungal treatments, as well as tree pruning as needed. Our certified Arborists treat every tree as if it were their own. Contact us for a free estimate for your condo or commercial building tree inspection or tree service.

Condo Tree Service

Combining our preventative tree care and maintenance with our consistent insect and disease control, our condo tree services remain unparalleled. We understand that clients are your first priority, as are our clients to us. Creating a visually appealing yard or property for your client reflects the hard work you put into your homes and to your clients.

Tree Law

Let the tree experts from Tree Savvy advise you in what action to take when it comes to bothersome neighboring trees and the law. Not sure what to do about invasive trees on your property? Ask us! Wondering how to receive compensation for tree damage due to negligence? We have the answer you’re looking for. Your tree in danger of its health or growth due to disturbance on your property? We can help!