Site Preparation


Site preparation is a very important step in the construction process, because it sets the stage for construction. Tree Savvy provides a large capacity chipper for an efficient clearing process before the construction of new homes or buildings. Relying on the expertise of your builder may not be in the best interest of your future home or building. Professionals are needed to assist in the planning and execution stages of building to ensure that expensive mistakes are not integrated into your piece of land. We will work with your contractor to discuss the plans they have for you and your future building site to make sure that nothing gets missed. Our expertise will ensure the best result for your project.

Tree Clearing


Tree Savvy has the ability to protect trees prior to land clearing and during the construction process and preserve well positioned trees prior to land clearing. High value trees are to be protected, and Tree Savvy will make sure that the land clearing does not interfere with the growth of the trees. If nice trees exist in the area that was initally suggested for the newe construction of a home or building, our tree experts are able to suggest alternate positions on the lot, while preserving the tree. Tree clearing is available when clearing major storm damage, or just when a tree is no longer needed or healthy. Specializing in tree and stump removal, we ensure that our tree clearing is efficient and complete to each job specification and detail.