Storm Damage Cleanup

After rough weather or storms, restoring your land, or even your house, is our number one priority. Property damage is devastating, and getting the necessary services provided to you and your family takes precedence in times of heartache and urgency. No matter the time of year or the severity of the storm, it takes one tree to destroy the beauty of your property.

Tree Removal Service

When a weak tree finally gives out due to severe weather or storms, Tree Savvy is ready and more than capable to provide their tree removal service. Crane removal makes tree removal service from your house or lawn quicker and more efficiently. Whether it’s an entire tree, big or small, or just a few limbs, no job is too small for Tree Savvy tree removal service.

Tree Savvy also will remove any damaged or hazardous trees. Distinguishing these trees from the healthy, or growing, trees has the ability to preserve the trees that surround the uncertain ones, while also preventing the possible fall of the older, or weaker, trees in future storms or harsh weather.


Tree Trimming Service

Providing first aid services to storm damaged trees can be stressful and questionable, but the most important thing to do is stay calm. Trees are resilient, and with the proper care and the right amount of time, they are able to recover from storms or other trauma-induced wreckage. The tree trimming service provided by Tree Savvy will allow storm damaged trees to recover from their ailments. If you are uncertain about the condition or the process of recovery for your tree, contact us and ask about our tree trimming service.

Brush Removal

When a thick growth of bushes or shrubs sets in, it’s your first instinct to get it taken care of. When a rough storm comes to town, the brush can then become even more of a nuisance. Instead of burning the brush yourself and risking an uncontrolled yard fire, contact us for a full brush removal. Our brush removal will leave your property looking fantastic, before and after severe weather.